To an investor, this is a business transaction, nothing personal. The bottom line is that the current owners have a problem and the investor has the solution. If the projected return on investment isn’t suitable to the investor he/she will move on. He/she is taking on a lot of risk and requires a profit that compensates for spending time, energy and money on the project—and of course assuming the risks that go along with this type of investment.

At the end of the day, if you as the investor can put up with a lot of emotional baggage from the grown children who are tasked with liquidating their parents’ home, you can usually make a tidy profit on these properties. These people are “don’t wanter’s” and we are helping them offload what they don’t want.

Another type of “don’t wanter” is the retiring real estate investor. At the end of every real estate investing career—successful or not—is a property owner who wants to liquidate.

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